About The Author

“It seems as though I have been inventing, creating and searching all my life.” -- Ed Forrest

Previously employed at ITW Chemtronics®, retired in July-2014, Ed Forrest was schooled to analyze precision and gross cleaning applications in a wide range of applications. In 1999 he began development of a fiber optic program that resulted in formal approvals at all major USA telecommunications providers.

As of 2015, he has seven patents specifically in the areas or fiber optic precision cleaning with six products in production. He has marketing credits that include branding, training, and publication of written and video materials. His product inventions include the QbE® tools and an innovative chemical mid-span break-in for ribbon fiber. He has other patents pending and in development. He has been actively involved in specification and applications engineering of various precision cleaning applications for more than 25 years.

Active on fiber optic standards committees, he is considered a SME in the study of fiber optic cleaning and inspection. His work is based on field experiences and is important to designers, crafts persons and production line workers as transmission speed and capacity enter ranges once considered theoretical. He is dedicated to the fiber optic communications medium.

His practical thesis of “Five Zone Cleaning and Inspection” is a look forward to the times when high speed and capacity of fiber optic transmission (even more) will be impacted by a contaminated or improperly cleaned connections. He has uniquely researched the 4th and 5th Zone and the influences of various types debris and contamination as positioned on these areas of the connector. He believes that “worst case leads to best practice”.

With a professional career that began at the Technical Services Labs in Union Carbide Corporation’s “Automotive Group”, this well-trained section was responsible to protect the Prestone® Anti-Freeze Brand leadership position. In those times “anti-freeze” gave way to a new concept of “summer coolant”: an essential factor as automobile engines were engineered to run hotter to reduce emissions. He worked on the original marketing scheme of “self-service fueling” as Prestone® brands participated in that visionary development.

He is a creative photographer and writer, enjoys study of the ancients, and is a hobbyist collector of esoteric high-fidelity. As a life-long SCCA member he competed “wheel-to-wheel”, in all-out (non-street) racing vehicles of his design “with a little help from his friends”! He competed in more than 200 events at SCCA’s Club Racing level. Married with a fascination for Weimaraners, he and his wife are often at the edge with three lovely specimens! They are fortunate to have traveled extensively throughout the USA and Europe.