Book: The Inextricable Interaction Between Precision Inspection and Precision Cleaning a Fiber Optic Connection

This is a companion book for the training course here ideal for students as a long-term reference, and trainers who want to update their course offerings. The ‘vendor neutral’ text book has details on the science of precision cleaning and inspection, a discussion of the limitations of existing standards and suggestions on how to self-standardize your operation. There are specific techniques to improve each installation, and, how to improve the cleaning product you prefer.

What Is The Problem with Cleaning?

  • Are Existing Standards, Best Practice?
  • Cleaning a Fiber Optic Connection: Does it Really Matter?
  • Is Inspection Important? Is there Another Way?
Edward J. Forrest, Jr.
Founder and Inventor

64 Pages. 6” x 9″ Paper Back. Full Color
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